Our Experience


We have more than 50 years of combined experience in health care and management 

Our trajectory includes transforming doctors ' visions to successful medical business entities. VHC has helped multiple medical groups overcome their finances by turning them into fruitful business in a short period of time. VHC consultants are experts in establishing solid business foundations that allow physicians to establish and maintain financially stable business entities.

Why Us?


We specialize in establishing a strong business Base that promotes financial health and future growth

VHC conducts financial and operational advisories to ensure that work and processes are carried out effectively. Our Accounts receivable management process is carried out in the most accurate, ethical and fastest way. Through our account payable model, we are trained to realize real business projections that maximize revenue. Our human resources management model improves staff production and efficiency. In order to maintain coherent operations, we are also experts in conducting technical evaluations to assist physicians with the implementation of an optimal management of the practice and the electronic medical records system. VHC has many years of experience working with payers through the hiring of health care and uses its expertise to leverage and maximize reimbursement for services provided.

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